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Delve into the complexities of dating dynamics with our recent event focused on unraveling the nuances of manipulation. Over the past two weeks, we've engaged in eye-opening discussions, examining various manipulation tactics prevalent in dating scenarios. Now, as we compile valuable insights, we invite you to explore effective strategies for identifying and overcoming manipulation. This overview serves as a gateway to understanding and navigating healthier dating experiences, empowering you with knowledge for meaningful connections.

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  1. Ambiguity

  2. Benching

  3. Breadcrumbing

  4. Boundary Violation

  5. Comparison

  6. Conditioned Kindness

  7. Cushioning

  8. Evasion

  9. Emotional Blackmail

  10. Emotional Withholding

  11. Exaggeration

  12. Fake Apologies

  13. Fake Concern

  14. Fake Confession

  15. Favor Bank

  16. Feigned Helplessness

  17. False Urgency

  18. Future Faking

  19. Gaslighting

  20. Ghosting

  21. Guilt Tripping

  22. Hoarding Information

  23. Hoovering

  24. Labeling

  25. Love Bombing

26. Negging

27. Orbiting

28. Oversharing

29. Pretend Ignorance

30. Projection

31. Reverse Psychology

32. Scapegoating

33. Selective Memory

34. Self-Victimization

35. Shifting Responsibility

36. Silent No

37. Silent Treatment

38. Social Media Manipulation

39. Stalling

40. Stashing

41. Subtle Intimidation

42. Submarining

43. Threats of Consequences

44. Time Manipulation

45. Triangulation

46. Tuning

47. White Clawing

48. Withholding Affection

49. Moving the Target *

50. Financial Control Manipulation

50 Manipulation Tactics

*provided by "The Conversation" contributor-

We had lively conversations in which attendees shared terms and experiences. Dealing with manipulation regardless of the relationship type can be challenging. Most people are unaware they are victims until it's too late or even at all. This is why it's important to remain aware.

There are several ways to overcome manipulation. It first begins with awareness, accountability, and action. 

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Take your dating journey to the next level by catching the conversation live and in progress every Monday at 7 PM Central Time. This unique opportunity allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, share insights, and discuss various topics related to dating, relationships, and personal growth. Join our vibrant community, participate in lively discussions, and gain valuable perspectives from fellow members who understand the nuances and experiences of dating while black. Expand your network, learn from others, and embrace the power of connection on your quest for love. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to engage with others who share your experiences and aspirations.

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