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This challenge is an exciting one. You are able to explore the importance of setting and maintaining boundaries while respecting your deal breakers. 

Self-Guided 3-Day Challenge:


Self-Guided Participation (Free):

Join the challenge independently and at your own pace. The importance of setting boundaries and respecting your deal breakers cannot be overstated. Access the entire 3-day challenge content below instantly. You can choose to receive it via email for convenient access and additional resources. Here's the challenge schedule:

  • Day 1: Understanding Boundaries 

  • Day 2: Recognizing Deal Breakers

  • Day 3: Communicating Your Needs

Cost: Free


Boundaries are essential in all aspects of life. This challenge was designed to help you acknowledge and execute. Boundaries coupled with deal breakers is a whole new level of establishing safe spaces during your dating journey. 


  • Learn the importance of setting boundaries and recognizing deal-breakers in relationships.

  • Explore real-life scenarios to gain insights into how boundaries can improve your relationships.

  • Discover the impact of understanding and communicating your needs and limits.

7-Day Challenge



Instructor-Led Classes (Paid):

For a more comprehensive experience, consider our instructor-led classes. Gain personal guidance, interaction, and appeal. These classes run over a 7-day program, providing a structured journey to mastering boundaries and recognizing deal breakers.


7-Day Challenge Benefits:

  • Personal guidance and interaction with the instructor.

  • In-depth insights and resources to navigate boundaries and deal breakers.

  • A structured 7-day program for a comprehensive learning experience.

Cost: $14.99 (limited price)


Dive in today! Whether you do it at your own pace or choose the extended series, this challenge is sure to make a change in your life! 


Choose your preferred participation option below to get started on this transformative journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Have questions? Check out our FAQs for answers to common queries about the Boundaries and Deal Breakers Challenge.


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