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Shanquella Robinson was a beautiful woman who thought she was going to enjoy a few days of relaxation with her friends in Mexico. Instead of enjoying the scenery, Shanquella was dead for less than two days. Friday, October she was seen having fun at a resort in San Jose del Cabo. Videos have surfaced showing her encouraging friends to have fun and put on their swimsuits. However, the infamous video of her being beaten by another female traveler is what has the world in an uproar. The woman, a so-called friend was the aggressor. Ms. Robinson at once time fell and did not fight back. You can hear a male in the background encouraging her to fight. During the whole ordeal, Ms. Robinson never fought back. She never defended herself as blow after blow landed on her back, head, and body. No one came to her defense. Not one person attempted to stop the violence. A few days later the group of friends hopped on a plane and went back to the U.S. Originally, the family was told that she fell ill and eventually died due to alcohol poisoning. They later found that she was beaten and had a spinal cord injury.  No one told the family about the fight that happened shortly before she became incoherent. 

Mexican prosecutors said Thursday they have opened an investigation into her death.  A go fund me account was created in her honor.  Kyree Irving donated 65,000 to support the family. 

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