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Updated: Mar 28, 2021

I went online and met woman that immediately caught my eye. After a few conversations, we met in person. That was five months ago. Since then we have seen each other every weekend. Last month I helped her move into a new spot. During transport, one of her boxes fell and the bottom busted open. In this box was some men's clothing and shoes. I put the items back in the box and back onto my truck. We moved some of her items to storage and you guessed it this did not go. The box was labeled bedroom and that's where it went. I haven't seen the box since. A month later I ran into my frat at the gas station near her neighborhood. In the backseat of his truck was her two kids.

I don't know if they recognized me or not, but he had just picked them up for the weekend. I was on my way to her house. If I would have left the house 30 minutes earlier, I would have ran into him there. He mentioned that he gets them every weekend. My girl never mentioned this. I believed that a family member was picking them up and their father was not around. She never mentioned him. That weekend I didn't bring it up.

I asked her again if the kid's father was in their life, she said no. That weekend, I received a friend request. Then he text me wanting to get together and have some drinks after work. I declined and found myself in a situation. I finally looked at his page and it is obvious he is active in the kids life. There are old pictures of her on his page. My brother found out that they are separated. I didn't know she was still married. I really care about her but being reunited to frat is making me feel some type of way. Then on top of all that, she lied about him being in their lives makes me wonder what else she might be lying about. Why did she want the box of items in the house?

Last weekend, I woke up to my truck being vandalized. I don't think dude moves that way. But the situation is not what I signed up for. I am beginning to think I need to cut ties. What should I do? Should I let frat know? Do I drop her? I am really feeling shorty.

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