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Feeling Myself

I used the pandemic to really get a hold of my weight. I changed my inner circle, got my finances together, closed on a home and lost 100 lbs. I recently found out that my husband is unhappy with the "new me"!

Since loosing the weight, my health has improved. I would think that my husband would be supportive. A few weeks ago I overheard a conversation he was having with someone over the phone. He was in the bathroom and thought I was still at the store. I came back after realizing I left my phone. He was complaining about my weight loss and that I was not the same woman. He did give me credit for looking good but said the attitude that came along with the new body he could not live with. 

Who was he talking to. My phone company allows you to go online to look at the phone number. IT was a number I did not recognize. I called from an unlisted number at work and it was a generic voicemail. It could have been anyone. But more importantly, he has never acted as if my weight loss was an issue. That day, I gave him numerous chances to let me know what I could do better. Instead of being honest, he continued to fill me up with compliments. I suggested we go to counselling but he refuses. My friends suggest that we go to counseling or that I just tell him what I overheard. What could be going on? 

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