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Date Night Ideas

There're plenty of things to do for date night. In case you need help. We've compiled a list just for you!

  1. Volunteer together 

  2. Do a personalized scavenger hunt

  3. Pick up an arts and crafts project from your local hobby store

  4. Take a foreign language class.

  5. Learn how to... play golf/ice skate etc.

  6. Take a cooking class.

  7. Go to a paint party event space.

  8. Participate in social media couple's trends.

  9. Learn and play a new board game.

  10. Go to and participate in karaoke.

  11. Go on a couples bowling date 

  12. Visit Antique Road Shows

  13. Go Glamping.

  14. Check out a drive-in movie

  15. Binge Watch a show. (actually watch the show)

  16. People Watch go to a public place, grab some food and enjoy yourself.

  17. Cooking contest and invite friends to be the judges.

  18. Work out together.

  19. Cook a meal together.

  20. Go play miniature golf.

  21. Go to a waterpark.

  22. Create a scrapbook. 

  23. Decorate a space together.

  24. Kayaking or water sport.

  25. Blindfold picnic.

  26. Dancing class.

  27. Rent A Pet.

  28. Alter Ego Date.

  29. Visit an elderly family member. 

  30. Trivia Night.

  31. Do a Tik-Tok Challenge separately and see who gets the most views.

  32. Escape Room.

  33. Pamper/Spa Date.

  34. Have fun playing paintball. 

  35. Visit the Zoo.

  36. explore a local historical site/tour

  37. Plan a staycation. 

  38. Couples Trip.

  39. Star Gazing - Learn the Constellations!

  40. Create a tradition.

  41. Build a bucket list together.

  42. Learn sign language.

  43. Bike riding or rent scooters.

  44. Go to an aquarium.

  45. Enjoy a food festival.

  46. Play games at an amusement park.amusement park

  47. Find and attend a wine tasting tour.

  48. Go bird watching.

  49. Take a mini road trip.

  50. Attend a local non-professional sporting event.


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