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Friends at Party



Friends at Party

We do not want to waste time and energy thinking someone is interested when they are not. 

It can be challenging to gauge a person's interest. Especially when you are trying to get to know them. 

You may misinterpret interest or lack interest. It happens all of the time. However, here are some tale

tale signs that person is interested in you.

1. Eager to see you

They want to be around you. They will find and make time to be in your presence. This is how we grow and build bonds. Although seeing each other can be a challenge in long-distance situations, the desire and

effort speaks volumes.

2. Time

They make time for you. Time is one of the most precious gifts we can one another. If a person is interested they will make time for you. How else do you get to know a person? They will not put you in the position to compete or beg for it.

3. What to Know More About You

They want to know what makes you you! They are invested in knowing the things you like and dislike. They care about your passion in life. An interested person is concerned about your upbringing, thoughts, and goals.  It is deeper than superficial things.

4. Helpful

They may not have all of the answers, but they care. A person will share with you their experiences, suggestions, and network if they are interested. 

5. Invites You to Go to Places

If they do not want to do things outside of the house, get rid of them. They will not avoid going to public places with you.

6. Comfortable with Expression

Not everyone is at ease with sharing their feelings. However, a person who is interested does not want you to think they are disinterested. It is common for one to say " I like spending time with you" or " I want to get to know you better." 

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