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Loving Couple



Loving Couple

We always hear about red flags. Red flags this, Red Flags that! What about the Green Flags?

We need to embrace behaviors that are positive, kind, and sincere. It is easy to focus on the negative aspects of dating. We all have had bad dating and relationship experiences. It is only normal to be on guard. However, it is time important to identify and give our energy to people who consistentlly exhibit healthy partner characteristcs and traits.

Being in a healthy relationship is ideal. It is not as uncommon as you might have been led to believe. Most people do not know what healthy looks like. Others are well aware but prefer to overlook red flags for a variety of reasons such as looks, status, or even familiarity. This article does not suggest that one can't have it all. It simply implies that sometimes priorities are not in the right place. When an individual is looking for substance, they strive for relationship screening, securing, and building.

Check out the below Green Flags!

1. Communication

Open communication is key. No relationship can thrive without it. Good communication during the courtship phase can be a strong indication of how well you two will connect and address relationship issues. Without it, you have nothing.

2. Transparent

Being transparent is another green flag. Transparency is deeper than honesty. It occurs when a person

is comfortable with sharing thoughts, beliefs, views, and intentions. A transparent person

is confident enough to reveal their true self.  

3. Tact

Individuals who master this skill are aware of the impact of words and honestly care about how they use them. They tend to be more careful and considerate of the feelings of others. Having tact can during challenging times impact the outcome in a variety of situations. 

4. Honesty

People want to know exactly what they are getting into. Being honest requires character and a desire to be fully open regardless of the consequences. 

5. Relationship Vision

It is important to know what their relationship goals are, if they have any and whether you fit into their vision. People who have a vision that includes you, are not reluctant in sharing their thoughts about the future. 

6. Make Time

We've all heard this respectful, "People make time for things that are important to them." If a person is

making time to be in your life, and makes being in your presence a priority, you are off to a good start.

7. Respectful of Your Boundaries

        A person that will accept and honor the boundaries you set is a winner.  This means that they are 

        considerate of you and your wishes. They are aware and are respectful of your triggers. 

8. Emotionally Available 

Emotionally available people are compassionate, communicate effectively, are vulnerable, and are open to the interpersonal needs of their partner. They are consistent in their approach and encourage bond-building activities. 

9. Open to criticism 

       No one is perfect. People who are open to hearing things that can help them improve are not only self-             aware, they are confident. Being receptive to the observation of others without taking offense is a sign of           maturity


10. Desires to Encourage You


      We all need a cheerleader. A person who pumps you up! Positivity and encouragement goes a long way!

11. Maintains a Healthy Life Balance


      People who have a harmonious blend of occupational, familial, social well-rounded, and leisure pursuits              are often well-rounded, set boundaries, and acknowledge the importance of balance 

12. Validates Your Feelings/Emotions


      When someone validates your feelings it displays their concern for you as a human. This is a good indicator        that will likely be responsive to the needs of their partner during the relationship. 

13. Includes you 


   They share their thoughts and decisions and considers your perspective on things. When a person is                   inclusive they also want you around during special events, occasions, and happenings. 

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